The Difference Between Pendant Lights And Pendalettes

A plethora of new light fixtures have entered the market in the past few decades, including solar powered light fixtures and various types of outdoor lighting. However, relatively few new light fixtures have been introduced into the interior of our homes. With this in mind, two particular light fixtures seem to come to mind: pendant lights and pendalettes. So what exactly is the difference between these two fixtures and how does one use them in the home?

What is a Pendant Light?

Pendant lights go by a number of different names including but not limited to: drop lights, suspension lights, pendants or single lights. These light fixtures hang from the ceiling from a single cord or wire, much like many other light fixtures including chandeliers, chandelettes and of course, their counterpart: the pendalette.

With this in mind, the pendant light features a single light source, or one light bulb, to provide light. It is typically used for task lighting such as over a kitchen island or when grouped together, over a dining table.

What is a Pendalette?

A pendalette is a hanging pendant light with one major difference. It typically features three light bulbs, or light sources, rather than one. It is not to be confused, however, with a chandelier or a chandelette (which is in essence, a smaller version of a chandelier).

Unlike a pendant light, pendalettes are better suited for providing ambient or general lighting in a small space. This could include a small dining room or perhaps a small cafe table in an eat-in kitchen. Pendalettes are also great for closets, small foyers and bathrooms.

It is worth noting that some manufacturers may advertise, sell or manufacture pendalettes that feature two lights, four lights and in some rare cases, five lights. However, typically when the hanging light fixture has more than 4 lights, it is often classified as a chandelier rather than a pendalette.

In short, the major difference between these two seemingly similar light fixtures is the number of light sources. A pendant light features a single light source, while a pendalette features three (though occasionally two, four or five) light sources. This makes each light fixture better suited for difference needs, such as task lighting or general ambient lighting.

With this in mind, youll find that you can actually incorporate both types of light fixtures into your home space if desired. Be sure to choose a light fixture that best suits your needs, rather than what is trendy or what your mother-in-law likes, as this will ensure you choose the best light fixture for you and your family.

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