Decorative Wall Shelves To Create More Storage Space

Decorative Wall shelves are a cheap alternative to costly renovating projects. If you take a look around at the 4 walls of every room and you see that you have got some bare walls, you’ve got space to put up wall shelves.

Wall mounted shelving is a great way to store your things. It keeps the floor and counters free of clutter and can even add a decorative element to the room. Although you may be somewhat limited by the design of your living quarters, there is always some place that you can add a wall shelf for added storage. Wall shelving ideas are plentiful due to all the different styles and materials available. Think about your needs before adding any new storage areas to your home. Then you will be able to decide if you wall shelf ideas are practical. First make sure to get rid of all your unused and needless possessions which we all have too much of.

Some people don’t like the look of shelves attached to the wall because of unsightly brackets. There are two solutions for this problem. Buy decorative wall shelf brackets or use floating wall shelves that attach directly to the wall through a hidden bracket attached to the back of the shelf.  You do not see any bracket with a floating wall shelf, hence the look of the shelf floating. Floating shelves give the sense that they are fancy built-in ledges.

Glass wall shelves are very attractive and blend well next to windows or glass door display cabinets. Another idea is to create the image of a shelf blending into the wall. This can be achieved if the shelf is the same color as the wall. White wall shelves are clearly suitable for white walls. They also tend to be one of the cheaper shelf choices.

If you have a black book shelf or entertainment unit, you can add black wall shelves to the wall directly next to the book shelf. A black wall shelf will create the illusion that the shelves are part of the book shelf and gives you added storage space. Similarly, if you have a wood book shelf, entertainment center or any other kind of display case in your home, wooden wall shelves attached to the wall right next to that piece of furniture will create that same look of extending the unit and creating more storage space. Make sure to choose a wooden wall shelf however made out of the same type of wood as the piece of furniture it will sit next to. If your furniture is made of oak then get an oak wall shelf. Similarly if you have furniture made out of cherry wood you’ll want a cherry wall shelf next to it to make sure it blends in. If you have little furniture but white walls, a white wall shelf in the corner can be both inconspicuous and add space at the same time.  Decorative metal shelves are another style that have become popular. They come in different colors and can be simple or ornate. A corner wall shelf whether it be a floating shelf, contemporary wall shelf or a simple wall display shelf is an excellent way to turn an otherwise unused corner into a storage or display area.

When I moved into an apartment without a storage room, I added shelves in the laundry room high up on the walls near the ceiling to store the things I use infrequently like suitcases and holiday decorations. Don’t forget the space over or behind a door which can give you even more added storage. If there is enough space between the top of the door and the ceiling, you can add shallow shelves. If you are budgeting, you can often save money by creating shelves out of cheap furniture that people are giving away. Use the side of an armoire for a nice long storage shelf. Use the shelves from a broken bookshelf to attach to the wall above your computer to hold your printer. A printer wall shelf will free up a lot of space on your desk and give you more room to work.

If you have very heavy things to store away in a basement or garage, steel shelving is a very strong and durable option. Stainless steel wall shelves are also popular in kitchens, especially commercial kitchens but also in homes.

The corners in rooms are usually overlooked as storage options but can add additional storage space. Corner wall shelves are great for storing decorative items or things you use frequently. You can use corner shelves in a bedroom instead of a nightstand and they are great in the bathroom to store shampoo and other shower items. If you can’t afford bathroom cabinets then any type of bathroom wall shelf can give you extra space without extra cost. Just make sure that the material the shelf is made of is suitable to the moisture that builds up in the bathroom. There are many other corner shelving ideas. Bathroom wall shelves are a must when you are cramped for space and don’t have room for a bathroom vanity.

When storing your things on wall shelves, remember that location is a premium. Store your most frequently used items in the places that are the most easily accessible. Save the difficult to reach places for things that you need infrequently. Another great idea when you don’t have a coat cupboard is to install a combination wood wall shelf with wall hooks underneath for hanging coats. The wood wall shelf can be used to store hats and other accessories and the hooks can be used for coats or bags. Just make sure that each wall hook is spaced far enough apart from each other to give enough rooms for the coats so that they aren’t on top of each other and are easy to find and retrieve.

If you don’t like the look of open wood wall shelves because you have a hard time keeping your things looking tidy, one idea is to attach wooden shutters to the shelves to hide your mess.

If you store small things like spices on a shelf, it is a good idea to group them all together in a small box or basket. This way you can take them down from your open wall shelving in one motion and return the easily as well. This not only make for easy accessibility but also allows you to easily clean or dust your open wall mounted shelves without having to remove and replace many small items to the shelf. Spices look nice stored on decorative corner shelves in your kitchen. Both floating shelving and standard wall mounted shelves look nice in a kitchen. Choose the wall mounted shelf that best suits the design of your kitchen cabinets.

The uses for wall shelves are as endless as your imagination. Look through magazines, at store displays and in other people’s home and you will find great ideas for storing your things with wall shelves. Putting up wall shelves is a great DIY home improvement project. Thanks For Enjoy this article

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