Decorate Tuscany Dining Room Style Looks Like

Do you want to make your dining room Tuscan style? read and follow the article below with an example picture. Tuscany is a noun and Tuscan is an adjective. What you have in mind is a Tuscan dining room, not a Tuscany dining room. If I have anything to say about it you won’t have either, but I’m getting ahead of myself.

This Tuscan thing that you see in your mind is an entirely American invention. It’s not even an homage, it’s a cartoon. Here’s what a dining room in the real Tuscany looks like.

Note the lack of bunches of dried roses. There are no fake sunflowers or clots of plastic grapes either. There aren’t any framed posters with nonsensical Italian phrases hanging on the wall, nor is there any faux painted brick. It’s a basic, small table jammed into space not already taken up by a tiny kitchen. It’s neat as a pin, it’s simple and it’s orderly. But real Tuscan style isn’t about decor or themed dining rooms. It’s about views like this.

Views like that beget a worldview that’s entirely Tuscan and how things look over there is a product of that worldview. The real Tuscany is about making the best use of a small space. The real Tuscany is about embracing life, it’s about authenticity, it’s about quality over quantity in everything. There’s no theme here, there’s no attempt to recreate a magazine spread or a dream house from some Developer’s unimaginative mind. The truth of the matter is that unless you can see the Arno river pass under your dining room window, no amount of clutter will give you a “Tuscany dining room.”

That room up there burns my eyes. Please don’t do something like that in your home. Sorry to be so brutal but what you’re asking is for some kind of permission to turn your home into a miniature Las Vegas and that’s something I refuse to go along with.

Listen, your dining room and indeed your whole home should tell your story, not somebody else’s. The things you decorate with should be your things and if you’re going to buy a dining table, buy one that’s classic enough and made well enough that you can pass it on to your kids. Then in 50 years when it’s in your daughter’s home that the same table will tell your story as it passes into her story. I suspect that’s the feeling you’re after. A feeling of permanence and a feeling of knowing you belong somewhere. That sort of thing isn’t a theme, it’s a way of life.

So if you want to bring some Tuscan sensibilities to your dining room, by all means, do so. But study the real place, not The Venetian or the Bellagio. While you’re enjoying the quick jaunt over to Florence I so strongly recommend, have your photo taken with the Duomo in the background then get it blown up and framed. Hang it in your dining room. I don’t think it’s possible to get more Tuscan than Florence, and it’ll be yours. Authentically.

If you like bunches of dried roses, go for it. Just be sure that you like them and that you’re not just adding them to advance some kind of ill-advised theme. So instead of asking me if they’re appropriate, the person to ask is you. What do bunches of dried roses say about you? If you’re happy with the answer then hang them by the bushel. If you’re not happy with the answer then don’t. If you’re not sure they don’t do anything. It’s pretty simple really. Hopefully, this article and image inspiring you.

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